Sree Padmanabha Swamy temple

History and significance

How to use

The following is a lesson plan to educate children of Grade 7 using Constructivist approach. The complete script on how to go about the lesson and the resources needed are also attached. The structure and methods can be used as a template to improvise and create lesson plans on any subject.

Lesson Plan

For Grade 7

03 Classes | 45min Class duration | 01 Day field trip

01. Objectives

Students should be able to –

  • Identify the salient features of the temple
  • Position the temple on the time-line of history of Kerala
  • Describe the social and cultural significance of the temple
  • Explain influence of the temple on the community in socio-cultural aspects
  • Separate facts from fiction

02. Procedure

Class 01

05min Introduction | 15min History and origin | 15min Salient features
Materials required - Student handout - Activity 1

Introduce the temple to students through the story as narrated in the Ananthasayana Mahatmya. Describe the history of the temple and its salient features. Briefly discuss about the changes that the temple brought in social and cultural domains in and around Thiruvananthapuram. Ask the students to work on the Activity 1 at home and bring it for discussion the next day. Towards the end of the class, announce the half-day field trip for the next day, details of which should be explained only at the site of the trip.

Key points to emphasize

Possible questions to ask

  • What was Thiruvananthapuram earlier known as? Why?
  • Who ruled Southern Kerala during the late 17th century and what is their connection with the temple?
  • What was the need for Temple Entry Proclamation Act?
  • Did the presence of the temple had a role in bringing up the culture in the locality? How?

Class 02 - Field trip to Sree Padmanabha Swamy temple

60min Task 1 | 60min Task 2 | 30min Break | 90min Task 3
Materials required - Student handout - Activity 2

At the site, divide the class into group of 4 or 5 students.
Task 1

Ask them to fill the Activity 2 in group by spotting the points of interests in and around the temple that they remember from class 1, within one hour. Instruct them to come back to the assembly point decided.

Task 2
During the next 60 minutes, each group would guide the rest of the class to their findings and explain what more details they got from the site. Initiate and lead brief discussions on each point of interest about their distinguishing features and why they should be preserved.

Task 3
For the last 90 minutes, ask the students to mingle with the temple authorities and local residents to find out
  • Temple’s role in the development of surrounding areas socially and economically
  • The cultural significance of the temple
  • The attitude of the local residents towards the temple before and after the whole series of treasure revealing events
  • Socio-economical changes that have been witnessed by the local residents and temple authorities throughout the years

At the end of the trip, ask the students to comprehend what they have done during the day and try to get an understanding of the current affairs regarding the temple.

Key points to emphasize

  • How the Temple Entry proclamation act brought change
  • How festivals, vedic and music classes organized by the temple affect the culture of the community
  • The treasure unearthed in the temple and the story surrounding it and the variety of opinions regarding them

Class 03

35min Discussions
Materials required - Student handout - Activity 1 and 2

Initiate and lead a discussion on

  • Why the temple is important in the history of Kerala
  • Significance of the temple in social, cultural and economical aspects
  • Current affairs - perspective of the students towards the whole event
  • Stories and myths

03. Assessment

Critical evaluation of the activity sheets to ensure that the learning objectives are met. Level of participation in individual and group activities to gauge the ability of the student to comprehend, analyse and articulate the information they received throughout the lesson.

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